Welcome to Candidate Registration

You have reached the candidate registration page. 

What is in it for me?

We intend to provide you with a channel to communicate your candidacy to potential voters and provide them with a means to learn more about you, connect with you, and present them with your social media channels.

You can use this candidate page as your online presence. If you have your own website, you can also include that as a reference for additional information for potential voters.

By registering on this site, you can provide additional navigation to your social media channels to make it easy for voters to connect with you and hear your message in real-time.

How can I proceed?

Your profile will include your name, the position you’re running for, party affiliation, contact information, photo, website, social media channels, and a summary of your qualifications, education, community service, why you’re running, and what your priorities are.

IMPORTANT: It is vital that your profile only contain information pertaining to you and not your opponents. Each candidate submission will go through an approval process. Any submissions that reference other candidates will be returned for modification.

To start the process, click the Start Here button below and provide your name, email, and a password, then continue on to your profile information. Some information will be required to submit your profile, but once you have created your account, you will be able to return to site, login, and update your information at any time.

We require you to create an account with a strong password to ensure the integrity of your information and prevent unauthorized access to update it.

To help you prepare to complete the online registration, we have prepared a Microsoft Word document that you can download. This will allow you to take your time, write your profile, and come back to this site to complete the registration process. You can copy content from your Word document and paste it into the registration form.

What if I need to make changes?

After your initial registration, you will have an account that you can use to log back into the website. Once logged in, you will have an account dashboard where you can find a link to modify your profile and resubmit for approval.