General Information

Wyoming Secretary of State Voter's Guide 2022

The Election Division of the Wyoming Secretary of State’s Office has created a Voter’s Guide that summarizes  Registration and Voting requirements and information as well as providing each County Clerk’s names, phone numbers, email and website.  This is an invaluable resource that can be downloaded for handy reference.

Are Wyoming Elections Secure?

In recent years, election integrity and security concerns have been raised throughout the nation.  The principles of security, accessibility, integrity and transparency are foundational to the strength of our representative republic.  For many reasons, Wyoming stands as the gold standard.  The Wyoming Secretary of State, as the Chief State Election Officer in partnership with the 23 County Clerks serving as the County Election Officer maintain the highest standards in processes leading up to, during and subsequent to the election.  You can find out more about the measures in place to ensure every valid vote is counted and only valid votes are counted in the Election Security and Integrity report.

Check Your Registration Status

The official poll of registered voters is maintained and updated at the County Clerk Elections Office.  Contact the Clerk’s Office in your county to ensure your registration status is active, the address is correct and that your party affiliation is accurate.  The contact information for your County Clerk can be found in the 2022 Voter Guide referenced above.

How to Register

If you are not yet registered or need to re-register due to a lapse or change in residence, this can be accomplished in person at the Clerk’s Election Office, by mail or at the polls on Election Day.  Note that Wyoming is one of the states that permits same day voter registration.

The Voter Registration Form is available online and can be printed out and brought to the office or polls with the required identification or mailed into the office with a Notary Seal.   Mailing addresses for each County Clerk is included in the instructions.   Registrations are closed for the 15 days prior to an Election Day to allow for preparation; you will need to register at the polling place if you have missed the advance window.

Request an Absentee Ballot

All registered Wyoming voters may request an absentee ballot for any election in the calendar year the election is held except for on the day of election.  No reason is required to vote absentee.   For the Primary Election you must identify the political party ballot and be a registered member of that party.   Your county clerk can provide you information on changing your party affiliation  if needed.

The Wyoming Secretary of State Election Division has a thorough explanation of how, when and where to request an absentee ballot and return the completed ballot.  Note that the request can be made in person, by phone, by mail or by email.

The Absentee Request Form is available online and can be downloaded, printed, filled out and submitted.

Military and Overseas Voters

Wyoming appreciates and supports military and overseas voters.  The Secretary of State’s Office fully complies with the provisions of the Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act (UOCAVA) enacted in 1986.  The steps and support needed are detailed on the SOS website.