County Clerk

Wyoming Statute: Title 18, Chapter 3, Article 4
Responsibilities and Authority:

The County Clerk attends and records the proceedings of all meetings of the County Commission. They will also keep the records, seal, and papers of the County Commission. They are also responsible for recording and keeping all licenses, warrants, mortgages, etc., given to or by the county.

Experience and Skills:

Similar to the Clerk of District Court, County Clerk’s deal with a lot of documents, so they typically have well-developed organizational skills. Due to the digital nature of documentation today, they typically are very good with computers and taking notes. They also are very aware of the county’s political situation.

Impact on Citizens:

The County Clerk is the record keeper for your county. These records may include some of your own records. It is important to make sure that they are in the proper hands, or they could be lost.