County Commissioner

Wyoming Statute: Title 18, Chapter 3, Article 5
Responsibilities and Authority:

This board, known as the County Commission, of 3 or 5 members have authority over and manage county property. They have the power to purchase, assess, and sell county property according to the county’s interests. They have the power to levy taxes as decided by county law, and such other fiscal responsibilities. They also may have the power to appoint other county offices, such as County Surveyors.

Experience and Skills:

Due to the extreme fiscal nature of their job, a good County Commissioner will typically be very proficient at dealing with money, some of them even managed a business before their election. They will also typically have an advanced understanding of county policy and law.

Impact on Citizens:

Your local County Commissioners have a fair amount of control over your county, and thus your community. For example, they are in control of snow removal, and construction of county buildings. These people will have more impact on your daily life than your Senators.