County Sheriff

Wyoming Statute: Title 5, Chapter 3, Article 6
Responsibilities and Authority:

The Sheriff manages the county jail and prisoners. He may appoint deputies, as approved by the County Commission to help him out with his duties. He also must protect the peace, uphold the law, and go to court when needed.

Experience and Skills:

A County Sheriff must have good people skills, as they interact with the general public more directly than other positions tend to, and also have to be able to deal with possibly unruly prisoners. They also must have an adequate understanding of county law. While not required by statute, certification as a Wyoming Peace Officer is highly recommended.

Impact on Citizens:

The County Sheriff is responsible for maintaining order in your county’s society. The reason for any government’s installation is to preserve order and keep the peace. Therefore, a bad Sheriff, one who does not preserve order, makes the rest of the government’s efforts moot.