Wyoming Statute: Title 15, Chapter 1, Article 108
Responsibilities and Authority:

The Mayor attends all City Council meetings, and has a great amount of control over offices and affairs of their city, and they typically administer any oaths needed for the offices of their city. Typically, the mayor’s signature will be required on any document signed for the sake of the city as a whole.

Experience and Skills:

A good Mayor will typically be well-connected to their city, and have an advanced understanding of its current political climate and fiscal needs. A mayor also must prioritize the wellbeing of the city.

Impact on Citizens:

The Mayor of your city is the single person with the most power over the intricacies of your city. In short, they have a lot of power over your day-to-day lives. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that a competent person be elected to this role.