Bernie Studer (Republican)

01-06 Man - - (1329)

2951 Allendale Blvd
Casper, Wyoming 82601-5707
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Born Wheatland WY

College Oregon Institute of Technology 1978 AAEE

Builder 1978-1991

Utility contractor 1991-2016

Volunteer Olympics/Paralympics Salt Lake City 2002

Volunteer 3 NFL Superbowls


In contact with thousands of people in nearly every state over the years

Precinctman 2017-2019

Precinct proxy 2022


Oregon Institute of Technology 1978 AAEE

University of Michigan Process Management 2003 Seminar

Chester Karass Negotiating Skills 2001

Dale Carnegie 1994

Community Activities and Memberships

No formal activities or memberships

Engage the public when necessary for encouragement or as emergencies arise.

Why I am Running

Precint person is the next step in giving action to your voice. Laws, reccomendations, platforms even censure come out of Central Committe meetings.

Caucus meetings give opportunity to give input.

Top 3 Priorities

Speaker/Majority leaders two non-consecutive terms maximum

Term limits

Encorage new/ younger participation in electoral/ legislative process