Kalli Hill (Republican)

Trustee-School District #6 - - (11813)

1595 N Frontage Rd
Lyman, Wyoming 82937
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We have lived in Lyman for over 6 years now. We have 5 children attending or that attended Lyman schools. We love the valley but don’t always love the “that’s the ways it’s always been done” attitude. Sometimes change needs to be made. We have experience with large and small school districts in Arizona and California and think I have something to bring to the table.


I worked in UCSD #6 for 5 years. I served 2 years as the PTO President at Urie. I currently have kids at LIS and LHS that are very involved. I want what is best for Lyman schools.


I have a Bachelors Degree in Business Management from BYU-Idaho.

Community Activities and Memberships

I’m active in my church and serve the children there. I just resigned as PTO President at Urie since I no longer have kids there.

Why I am Running

I have kids that actually attend school in Lyman and I want what’s best for them and all students.

Top 3 Priorities

I just want people that make decisions about our schools and our kids to be people who are vested in that because they have kids in our schools. I’m sick of the old timers having all the say when they haven’t had kids in Lyman schools for years.