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Martha J Wright (Democratic)

PO Box 338
Sheridan, Wyoming 82801
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Born and raised in the Equality State with the values of RESPECT KINDNESS GENEROSITY COMPASSION

Graduate of Cheyenne East High School

Moved out of state with husband

Worked in a variety of jobs that helps me understand the lives of middle- and low-income citizens.

Missed Wyoming values, missed Wyoming weather, moved back home


My work was and is serving others. As a medical secretary, a kind word and a smile were appreciated by apprehensive patients. Medical billing showed me the stress of high medical bills. Having worked in criminal justice as a subpoena clerk and in police dispatch, I understand the problems law enforcement deal with, as well as the people who make poor life choices. Being a Certified Caregiver for Seniors and Special Needs adults brought me the most joy. Currently I am a part time YMCA instructor.


Certified Medical Assistant

Certified Caregiver

Motivated lifetime learner

Community Activities and Memberships

Active church member

Organizer of recycle program at Heritage Towers Apartments

Church Conference Green Team–Recycle Activist

Sheridan County Democrat Party–Treasurer/Lunch Together Volunteer/Candidate!

Active in community cleanups, Adopt-A-Highway projects

Advocate for the LGTBQ+ population who are hearing increasingly negative positions from some politicians

Advocate for mental health and suicide prevention initiatives

Foster Grandma at a local elementary school

Why I am Running

To offer an alternative voice in Wyoming politics

To decrease divisive politics and bring people together to work for the common good

To encourage a return to the time when multiple viewpoints and finding solutions were valued

Being born and raised in Wyoming made me the person I am today. I value people who extend the values of respect, kindness, generosity and compassion. We don’t see the people in the parking lot as one more person slowing us down. We see our neighbor and greet them with a smile. These are the Wyoming values we need to promote.

Wyoming has been in my heart for as long as I can remember. I’ve come to realize, it’s not all about me. No one else had signed on the dotted line to represent those who feel their voice is not heard. At this stage of my life, I could just enjoy my retirement, but I am acutely aware of the bigger picture, and it is in my nature to serve.

I care. I’m a good listener. I have integrity. I will research what I don’t know and learn all sides of an issue. I will listen to my constituents rather than lobbyists and big donors.

With Courage and Kindness, we WILL make a difference.

Top 3 Priorities


- find ways to sustainably fund public education that prepares ALL our children for the future and for a good life

- ensure that funding for charter schools does not violate the constitutional principle of separation of church and state

- support programs that teach students how to think, not what to think; improve civics education at all levels

- increase opportunities for internships and apprenticeships

- support, attract, and retain caring, professional educators

- support the University of Wyoming, our community colleges and initiatives for education for all ages that will help citizens adapt to a rapidly changing world


- expand Medicaid to help provide healthcare for the hardworking uninsured, save Wyoming millions of dollars and have ripple effects of providing more healthcare jobs, reduce hospital costs for all, and help keep local hospitals from cutting services such as maternity care

-support expanding opportunities for telehealth including mental health

- keep government out of ALL patient/doctor decisions


- protect public lands, clean air and water, and opportunities for hunting and recreation

- diversify our economy to make it more resilient to climate disasters and boom/bust cycles

- be proactive, not reactive, in addressing environmental problems

- attract and retain our young people who wish to live and work here and help provide creative solutions