Matt Freeman (Other)

House District 41 - - (193)

PO Box 2342
Cheyenne, Wyoming 82003
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I am a common man who believes common sense can resolve most of the issues we face today and that we need to return to common law. With so many laws on the books these days it is hard to find true justice that represents the individual against the powers that would rob us of our freedoms that so many patriots have died to protect. The three pillars of the Constitution Party are Integrity, Liberty, and Prosperity. These are principles I put a lot of value in. With integrity we can stand for liberty which bring prosperity. The core issues I see are election integrity, right sized government, education choice, preserving our rights, and a return to honesty with dignity. Open debate is a good thing that brings perspective to the issues we face; suppression and condemnation will only heighten the divides we already have.


I am hard working and dedicated to understanding issues at their core levels, it often takes extensive research to fully understand the root cause of things. I have worked in numerous different industries and also in the government sector.


I have a bachelor's degree in civil engineering

Community Activities and Memberships

I am involved in outreach ministries based on my Christian beliefs that we are all called to serve each other and to encourage each other to be the best we can be.

Why I am Running

My faith is what prompts me to serve my fellow citizens of this great country as a statesman, not a politician, for the republic of America. I look forward to meeting the residents of District 41 and finding out what you see as the issues before us and how I may be able to serve you in the Wyoming House of Representatives.

Top 3 Priorities

Fiscal responsibility, election integrity, and a return to morality and accountability are the things I see as challenges we face moving forward in this state. Independence from the federal government should be a concern we all share, and how to ensure the future of Wyoming with the state sovereignty that is guaranteed by the constitution.