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Scott Heiner (Republican)

House District 18 - - (170)

P.O. Box 505
Green River, Wyoming 82935
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I am a multi-generational Wyomingite and I love this great state. I want to 'give back' and help maintain the values of Wyoming during this tumultuous time when headwinds are blowing fiercely against our way of life. I carry the title of 'representative' with honor and I strive to truly represent the citizens of Wyoming when the strong arm of government seems overwhelming.


I invite everyone to look at my voting record for the past 2 years. I am conservative, not only because I say that I am, but because I vote and act that way in the legislature. A candidate can make many promises and pledges, but the proof is after they are elected whether they will be true to those commitments.


BS degree in Engineering

Community Activities and Memberships

During a campaign, candidates often make lofty promises but fail to keep them once they are elected to office. I invite everyone to look at my voting record, as I have consistently voted for smaller government, pro-life and individual rights as I promised I would. I serve on 2 committees, 1) Minerals, Business & Economic Development, and 2) the Agriculture, State and Public Lands & Water Resources where I have strived to protect and enhance Wyoming’s resources.

Why I am Running

We have a great work yet to do in Wyoming. We need laws to prohibit crossover voting in the Primary election. We need to ban transgender athletes from competing in women’s sports and teaching of Critical Race Theory in our schools. We need to control property taxes and control the growth and spending of the government. In order to do this, we need more conservatives in our state legislature to take the control away from liberal republicans. We can do this with help from citizens of this great state.. Vote for the conservative candidate and communicate often with your elected officials, both locally and in the state legislature.

Top 3 Priorities

PROPERTY TAX REFORM - for the past several years, property tax collections in Wyoming have increased significantly with some locations experiencing increases of over 50 percent in a single year. Under the current system of property taxation, the tax burden is affected by property appraisals and the mil levy tax rate. Like many other states, imposing revenue caps on local taxing entities would simplify the system and provide a straightforward method by which taxpayers are protected from excessive increases in their property tax burden. A revenue cap would protect against property tax increases and restrain the growth of the local property tax burden,

PREVENT SEXUALIZATION OF OUR CHILDREN AND YOUTH - Childhood used to be a time of innocence, but as our culture has become more and more sexualized, children have become the casualties. In culture, education, and health care, children and youth are increasingly targeted for sexual messages, images, and themes at younger ages. Sometimes, this is even supported by taxpayer money through government-led initiatives. Combating the premature sexualization of children requires focused attention from both lawmakers and courageous parents.

PROTECT AND EXPAND OUR COAL MINING JOBS WITH NEW INDUSTRY THAT USES COAL - The Biden administration will continue with the war on coal and fossil fuels and Wyoming is one of the states most impacted. I am working with several new industries that will revitalize our coal industry and actually exp