Elected Positions

County Commissioner

Wyoming Statute: Title 18, Chapter 3, Article 5
Responsiblities and Authority:

This board, known as the County Commission, of 3 or 5 members have authority over and manage county property. They have the power to purchase, assess, and sell county property according to the county’s interests. They have the power to levy taxes as decided by county law, and such other fiscal responsibilities. They also may have the power…

County Coroner

Wyoming Statute: Title 7, Chapter 4
Responsiblities and Authority:

A County Coroner may be called to examine a dead body if they died in an unanticipated manner. The County Coroner will then identify the person, if need be, and determine how they died and what their manner of death was: homicide, suicide, natural, etc.

County Sheriff

Wyoming Statute: Title 5, Chapter 3, Article 6
Responsiblities and Authority:

The Sheriff manages the county jail and prisoners. He may appoint deputies, as approved by the County Commission to help him out with his duties. He also must protect the peace, uphold the law, and go to court when needed.

County Treasurer

Wyoming Statute: Title 5, Chapter 3, Article 8
Responsiblities and Authority:

The main duty of the County Treasurer is to collect taxes, and then to turn these taxes over to the proper organization, position, or person. They also maintain and keep the county tax records.

District Court

Wyoming Statute: Title 5, Chapter 3, Article 1
Responsiblities and Authority:

There are nine judicial districts in Wyoming, with each district having between two to four district judges. District Courts typically serve as an interim between Wyoming’s lower courts and the Supreme Courts


Wyoming Statute: Title 9, Chapter 1, Article 2
Responsiblities and Authority:

The Governor is the Chief Executive officer for the state. They are responsible for the appointment, and possible removal, of several state offices. They also have the ability to oversee the operation of the state through executive orders. They are also responsible for coordinating with the federal government, if need be.


Wyoming Statute: Title 28, Chapter 4
Responsiblities and Authority:

The Wyoming House of Representative is the lower house in the state legislature, and is composed of sixty-two members; one of which is the Speaker of the House, who maintains order during House meetings. They have a relatively short term, and function similarly to the U.S. House of Representatives.